Intimacy Workshops

Intimacy Workshops

Upcoming Date for Intimacy Workshop 101:

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Upcoming Date for Intimacy Workshop 201:

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All workshops are on Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm EDT, are held online, and are open to individuals, couples, and more.

The workshops are trauma-informed and affirming of all sexual orientations, gender identities, relationship structures, and racial identities.

Check out this video for a sneak peak at what we cover in the 101 workshop:

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Participants in the 101 workshop say ....

  • "Opened my awareness"
  • It was helpful to "hear from other people in the things they were working through. It helps to not feel as alone."
  • "It affirmed me/us in many ways. It put a frame around some things that we may have known, but not identified."
  • "It has given us hope and language"
  • "It was really quality time for us to sit down and be intentional with our time and be present for our relationship."
  • Helped to "better understand our struggles and to be much less judgmental of them."
  • "Encouraged us to further develop our communication using the terms learned from the workshop."
  • "Learning the same frameworks alongside my partner and discussing how our individual dynamics give shape to the patterns we feel stuck in."

Intimacy Workshop 101 Content:

  • Discuss different types of sexual desire and how to navigate differences
  • Explore a new way of thinking about intimacy and orgasm
  • Learn about the importance of sexual brakes and accelerators as a roadmap to sexual satisfaction
  • Discover applications of ask versus guess culture in and out of the bedroom
  • Practice effective approaches for sexual communication

The 101 workshop is perfect for individuals and couples new to the concepts and those who want to strengthen their foundation. We will explore aspects of sex and intimacy in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. You will meet other couples and individuals who are likely experiencing similar challenges as you. You will have the opportunity to share, discuss, and learn together. Our hope is that you will come away from the workshop feeling encouraged and inspired.

Intimacy Workshop 201 Content:

  • Embrace eroticism as a full expression of sexuality
  • Understand and use context to your advantage
  • Learn and discuss different sexual initiation styles
  • Explore aspects of pleasure, including touch and breath
  • Expand language for sexual pleasure and orgasm

The 201 workshop is excellent for participants looking to build on the foundations covered in 101, explore more nuances, and learn additional concepts. We will discuss the benefits of embracing eroticism as a metaphor for sexuality. You will identify tangible ways to overcome obstacles to sexual satisfaction and use context to your advantage. We will review and discuss 5 different sexual initiation styles and consider how those apply to your sexuality. Finally, we will explore aspects of sexual pleasure, including erogenous zones, touch, breath, and orgasm. Through this workshop, we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of your own sexual template and take away applicable skills and resources for enhancing sexual intimacy.


Disclaimer: These workshops are not intended to provide therapy and do not constitute a therapeutic relationship.

Workshops are held online via zoom and require an electronic device (computer, tablet, or phone) that has a working camera and microphone.

Every effort will be made to accommodate any special needs.


Presented by Alive Intimacy: Rachel Keller, LCSW-C and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, in collaboration with Erick Sowell, LMSW

Rachel Keller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an AASECT Certified Sex therapist with many years of experience helping individuals and couples improve their intimacy so they can experience more pleasure, connection, and joy in their lives.

Erick Sowell is a Licensed Master Social Worker with a prior background of 20+ years in the military, followed by current experiences working with a diverse intersection of individuals and relationships, focused on improving their ability to communicate productively.

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